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Make the most of your Western Canada driving vacation with a GyPSy Guide.  It’s a small device that rides on your windshield. As you arrive at points along your day’s driving travel it will AUTOMATICALLY play commentary through the stereo.  You will get all the interesting stories, facts and suggested stops for viewpoints, wildlife and points of interest all in your own vehicle!


  • 1 day
    2 days
    3 days
    4 days
    5 days
    6 days
    7 days
    $39 $74 $109 $144 $169 $194 $219 $15/day


  • Please note that if you drop the GyPSy Guide off in a different location, a $10.00 fee applies.

Pick Up / Drop Off Locations:

  • Calgary (Airport / Downtown)
  • Edmonton (Gateway / Downtown)
  • Banff – Discover Banff Tours
  • Jasper
  • Lake Louise
  • Vancouver (Airport / Downtown)
  • Victoria Downtown

With over 6,000 points of interest, the commentary covers a wide range topics, telling you about the beautiful coastal scenery of Vancouver and Victoria, interesting stories of past explorers in the giant mountains of the Canadian Rockies, advice on where to watch for wildlife in Banff National Park, advance notice for important highway intersections and just quirky tales from Canada that you won’t hear anywhere else!

The stories are all prepared and presented by each areas best professional tour guides just like they are in the car with you. Gypsy is entertaining, informative and filled with helpful tips and advice to make the most of your sightseeing.

Whether in your own car, a rental car or RV Rental, it’s a guided tour you drive yourself, allowing you to travel at your own pace, visiting the places you want to see.

GyPSy Guide covers all the popular self driving tour routes through Alberta and British Columbia including Vancouver Island.  and the Canadian Rockies. Click here to see where you can go with GyPSy Guide.

GyPsy can be your personal guide for our specialty winery tour through the Okanagan. You can download our Scenic Drives brochure for the Canadian Rockies here.

Experience the most informative way to tour the Rockies, British Columbia and Alberta while keeping the independence you enjoy.

The GyPSy Guide allows you to travel at your own pace, visit the places you want to see, and learn much more than a tour guide would be able to share with you on a scheduled tour. Think of it as a local friend, who will share interesting stories and entertain you along the way.

Itinerary and highlights:

  • The pleasure and freedom of taking yourself on your own driving tour
  • Learning the significance of what you are seeing
  • Your valuable traveling time
  • GyPSy Guide is available year-round.


Please specify your preferred drop-off location when booking GyPSy Guide

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