Car Rental

You can rent compact cars right up to mini-vans and travel from point to point which is an excellent way to get off the regular tourist routes.

For an innovative way to enhance your road trip, consider renting a GyPsy Guide. It’s a small device that you plug into your car or RV stereo and it automatically plays commentary on the best things to see and do as they come into view. A team of professional tour guides has filled GyPSy Guide with stories, facts, tips and advice to make sure you don’t miss any of the best attractions and sightseeing. The audio is recorded by real people and plays as you drive, just like listening to the radio.

Motorcoach Tours

Scheduled motorcoach tours are available to get you from one destination to the next. These offer an excellent opportunity to see the highlights of the Canadian Rockies. Let someone else do the driving so you are able to keep your eyes on the scenery, rather than on the road.