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The Johnston Canyon Icewalk traverses a series of steel catwalks that give spectacular views of the Johnston Canyon below.  This popular ice walk will lead you past the lower falls and to the breathtaking upper icefalls.  Travel through prime wildlife habitat and learn the clues to how Johnston Canyon was formed.   Guests should dress in skiwear for this trip including hats, mitts and warm boots.

PLEASE NOTE: This tour does not walk on the ice.  (It is fragile, dangerous and you can punch through to the icy flowing water).  You will be following the steel catwalks that are built into the canyon wall and allow a spectacular view down the canyon walls to the ice and river below.

If you would like to walk on ice, our Grotto Canyon Tourallows you to walk on the ice safely, as the creek bed freezes solid.

Icewalk (AM) Price:

  • $74 for adults
  • $42 for children (8-12)

Icewalk (PM) Price:

  • $74 for adults
  • $42 for children (8-12)

Evening Icewalk Price:

  • $74 for adults
  • $42 for children (8-12)


  • AM Departure: 8:30am Daily
  • PM Departure: 1:30pm Daily
  • Evening Departure: 6:30pm – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sundays


  • AM & PM Tours – 4 Hours (walking Time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Evening Icewalk Duration is 2.5 hours

Distance: 5.4km
Elevation Gain: 135m
Where to Meet: Hotel pick up and drop off provided from Banff

Your tour includes:

  • Friendly, certified guides
  • Hot chocolate and maple cookie snack
  • Ice cleats and hiking poles

Itinerary and Highlights:

  • Bow Valley Parkway:  Travel through prime wildlife habitat on the way to the trailhead.
  • Catwalks:  Steel walkways built into Johnston Canyon walls give an airy view of the gorge below.
  • Lower falls:  Walk through a natural cave feature for a unique view of the lower falls.
  • Rockies geology:  The rock is ancient, the creek is old, and the canyon you are walking in is young. Sort out the mystery on your tour.
  • Upper falls (day tours only):  Gigantic pillars of ice are the highlight of the tour. Ice climbers can often be seen scaling the frozen columns.

Remember to bring:

  • Warm clothes, including hats, gloves and warm boots. Ski wear is strongly recommended for this tour.
  • Don’t forget your camera!

Minimum age for this tour is 8 years.

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Here at Grotto Canyon, our IceWalk hikes the frozen creek bed, through a narrow canyon, past unusual rock formations and icefalls.  We might see iceclimbers scaling the frozen waterfalls, but for many the highlight of the Grotto Canyon IceWalk are the ancient native pictographs, that you could easily miss, if they aren’t pointed out to you.  There is now a theory that one of the symbols could be a Kokapelli, a flute player painted in ochre, used only by the Hopi people, some 500-1300 years ago.

Walking time: 2 – 2.5 hours
Return Distance:
4.2 km
Elevation Gain:
100 m


  • $74 for adults
  • $42 for children (8-12)

Departs: 8:30 am daily
Duration: 4 hours
Where to Meet: Hotel pick up and drop off provided from Banff & Canmore

Your tour includes:

  • Ice cleats & hiking poles
  • Hot chocolate & light snack
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • A stunted forest:  Why are the trees so small and oddly shaped?
  • Grotto creek:  You will walk on the frozen creek bed winding through the narrow gorge.
  • Rockies geology:  Witness ancient ocean floors around you, the result of mountain building processes.
  • Pictographs:  1500 year old clues linking native culture in Canada to distant areas in the South West of the United States.
  • Icefalls:  Get close to icefalls seeping from the cliff face, and if lucky watch ice climbers performing their craft.

Remember to bring:

  • Warm clothing, including hats, gloves and warm boots. Ski wear is strongly recommended.
  • Don’t forget your camera!

Restrictions: Minimum age for this tour is 8 years.

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